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How to De-Fuzz (De-Pill) A Sweater

How to De-Fuzz (De-Pill) A Sweater


Laundry day is made easy when you use quality laundry facilities and wash & fold services from Sudsy Water Laundry & Dry Cleaners.

Once you know how to deal with the specific fabrics in your clothing, you’ll have no trouble handling any small issues that arise during laundering.

One of the most common irritating issues is pilling. This refers to those little balls of fiber that appears on the surface of some clothing. While this is common with wool, it is often found that man-made fibers, like polyester, are prone to it as well.

There are two important steps that you can take to remedy this common occurrence. The first is prevention, and the second is a solution.


In the long run, this is the easiest of the two measures. Start by turning your clothes inside out before washing and drying. This way, the outer surface of the materials is not exposed to the action of the machines. Use the gentle cycle on the washers, as this is much less aggressive and has a shorter overall cycle. This lessens the abrasion the clothes are exposed to, which is what causes pilling in the first place.

Odds are, though, even if you’re really careful you’ll still get those pesky fuzz balls, especially on your chest, under your arms and along your sides where the fabric get the most tension.


The only real treatment for pilling is the removal of those little balls of accumulated material.

The most common and inexpensive way to clean pilling off your clothes is to just

  1. spread the fabric across a flat surface (something firm like a table is best) pull the fabric taut and
  2. carefully shave the pilling away from the fabric using a disposable razor (without moisture lubrication strips).
  3. Be careful with the razor, especially around seams, buttons and stitching because you can easily cut the fabric.

You can also buy de-pillers like sweater stones and electric fabric combs in stores, but if you have a razor or two lying around anyway, there's no reason you can't give it a second use—especially since one razor will last you a long time.

Once you know how to prevent pilling, you’ll have no problem removing the odd bit here and there so your clothes turn out great every time!

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Sudsy Water's Laundry Pickup Service is Ready For Fall

Sudsy Water's Laundry Pickup Service is Ready For Fall

When fall arrives, it means re-organizing all of your seasonal clothing and putting away summer clothing until next year. Luckily, cleaning your fall clothes so they’re ready to wear this season is easy when you choose Sudsy Water Laundry & Dry Cleaning.

While you’re emptying your storage containers, it’s a good time to sort through them to identify any clothes that are damaged or no longer fit. If you have kids, you’ll want to assess what they’re really going to wear so you can get rid of the clothes that are just taking up valuable NYC closet space.

Once you’ve compiled all of your good fall clothing, you’re ready to get them cleaned. If they were cleaned prior to being put in storage, you’ll probably be able to get away with a just a light wash or rinse — this is the fastest, easiest way to remove wrinkles caused by storage.

In the summer we’re spoiled with light clothes that are very quick to launder. Now that we’re getting into the heavier clothing, you will want to remember that it will take a little bit longer to dry. Make sure to plan enough time at the laundromat to get everything finished. Or take advantage of Sudsy Water’slaundry pickup service.

Fall clothing has a variety of clasps and ties, and you’ll want to check that they’re working properly before washing your clothing. At the same time, secure up any velcro closures to avoid them sticking to other clothes and collecting lots of lint.

Since the fall is so short, it won’t be long until we’re getting into the winter clothing. Due to this, it’s a good idea to keep your fall clothing to a minimum so you don’t have to sort through as much in a few months. Using a local laundromat or laundry service makes it easy to keep a small collection of fall clothing clean and ready to wear on a weekly basis.

So get those boots and jackets out of the closet, and if they don’t look their best, bring them to one of Sudsy Water’s convenient locations or leave them for your route driver to pickup and deliver to your home at your convenience. We’ll have your items ready in time for work next week or to wear to your next night out on the town.

For your convenience, Sudsy Water offers quick and easy online reservations for laundry and dry cleaning pick-up and delivery!



Effective Sat, 8/6/2016, SudsyWater, located at 247 W. 145th St., will no longer accept walk-in drop-off laundry & dry cleaning orders.

In an effort to serve the growing demand of valet laundry & dry cleaning requests for upper Manhattan, we are making our first move toward encouraging new & existing customers to book services online.  


For in-store services, continue to visit Sudsy Water at 2392 Adam Clayton Powell or call 646-847-8379 for more information.