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Dry Cleaning Care for Fall & Winter Coats

Dry Cleaning Care for Fall & Winter Coats

Coat season has finally arrived so it’s time to pull them out, dust them off and stay warm. If your coat doesn’t look quite right, Sudsy Water’s dry cleaning services are here help! 

Sudsy Water offers some ways to keep you coats looking right:

  1. Keep them clean. Moisture can shorten the useful life of your coats. Never put them away wet. Allow them to air dry outside of your closet when they get wet from rain or snow.
  2. Allow coats room to breathe in the closet. A couple of inches on both sides should do the trick. Air circulation is important for the long-term usefulness of any garments, including coats.
  3. A coat that repels water helps keep dirt from finding the fabric and making a home. When you get a water repelling coat cleaned, apply a water repellent (or let us do this for you).
  4. Don’t leave your coat in your car just to be convenient when it turns cold. A coat left in a hot car, especially after getting wet and left crumpled on the back seat, can result in shrinkage, loss of shape and even a musty smell.
  5. Leather, suede and fur coats are a completely different deal. They require special methods of cleaning, conditioning and care after. Make especially sure you wipe down these coats when they get wet or after a spill. Annual cleaning and conditioning will make sure your leather and suede last for decades.

To take advantage of convenient laundry and dry cleaning pick-up services near you offered by Sudsy Water Laundry & Dry Cleaning, call 347-366-8079 or book reservations online 24/7!

Sudsy Water's Laundry Pickup Service is Ready For Fall

Sudsy Water's Laundry Pickup Service is Ready For Fall

When fall arrives, it means re-organizing all of your seasonal clothing and putting away summer clothing until next year. Luckily, cleaning your fall clothes so they’re ready to wear this season is easy when you choose Sudsy Water Laundry & Dry Cleaning.

While you’re emptying your storage containers, it’s a good time to sort through them to identify any clothes that are damaged or no longer fit. If you have kids, you’ll want to assess what they’re really going to wear so you can get rid of the clothes that are just taking up valuable NYC closet space.

Once you’ve compiled all of your good fall clothing, you’re ready to get them cleaned. If they were cleaned prior to being put in storage, you’ll probably be able to get away with a just a light wash or rinse — this is the fastest, easiest way to remove wrinkles caused by storage.

In the summer we’re spoiled with light clothes that are very quick to launder. Now that we’re getting into the heavier clothing, you will want to remember that it will take a little bit longer to dry. Make sure to plan enough time at the laundromat to get everything finished. Or take advantage of Sudsy Water’slaundry pickup service.

Fall clothing has a variety of clasps and ties, and you’ll want to check that they’re working properly before washing your clothing. At the same time, secure up any velcro closures to avoid them sticking to other clothes and collecting lots of lint.

Since the fall is so short, it won’t be long until we’re getting into the winter clothing. Due to this, it’s a good idea to keep your fall clothing to a minimum so you don’t have to sort through as much in a few months. Using a local laundromat or laundry service makes it easy to keep a small collection of fall clothing clean and ready to wear on a weekly basis.

So get those boots and jackets out of the closet, and if they don’t look their best, bring them to one of Sudsy Water’s convenient locations or leave them for your route driver to pickup and deliver to your home at your convenience. We’ll have your items ready in time for work next week or to wear to your next night out on the town.

For your convenience, Sudsy Water offers quick and easy online reservations for laundry and dry cleaning pick-up and delivery!

 Tips For Successful Wedding Dress Storage

Tips For Successful Wedding Dress Storage

Finding the perfect gown is paramount to a bride’s happiness on her big day, and while this process can take months and endless alterations, the dress is only worn for a few hours. In that short amount of time, however, it’s easy to damage and stain your wedding dress.

Following your big day, storing your wedding dress should be a priority – here are a few tips for success.

1. Thoroughly inspect the dress after the wedding. Make notes on tears, loose hems, stains and any other damage.

2. Take your dress and your list of damages to a dry cleaner as soon as possible. Stains will set and become more difficult to remove the longer the dress remains in unfavorable condition.

3. When you get your dress back from your dry cleaners, inspect it against the list you previously compiled to ensure all damage has been reversed.

4. Transport your dress in a cotton fabric bag, as opposed to plastic, because plastic doesn’t allow the fabric to properly breathe. Do this directly before and after the wedding, too.

5. Store your wedding dress wrapped in an acid free paper to prevent discoloration.

6. Long-term wedding dress storage should be done in a box that fits the dress comfortably without excess pressure. Keep the box in a dry, non-lit space. Too much light will cause the wedding dress to yellow.

Many companies offer wedding dress storage preparation for you, and if they’re reputable and have favorable reviews, this is often a great way to go. However, it’s wise to have a trusted dry cleaner assess the dress before packaging it away so you can guarantee its good condition before storage.

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Shrink Wrap Your Clothes?

Shrink Wrap Your Clothes?

Yep, we get it.  There’s simply never enough room for everything you would like to hang and store in your closet.

Ever considered shrink wrapping your clothing?  18 pieces of clothing and linens—comforters and pillows especially—take up a huge amount of room as they are mostly fluff and air. Vacuum storage bags suck the air out and reduce bulky items to a fraction of their former size.

Surely you’ve seen space saving bags in late night infomercials and on the shelves of home-centered retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond. You stuff them full of bulky objects, like comforters and winter coats, and suck all the air out to compress them into vacuum-packed plastic wafers.

Especially living in New York City, you need to think outside of the box + find unusual storage places.

The top shelf of your closet isn’t easily accessible for every-day items, but it’s great storage for flattened space sacks. Stash bags under your bed, behind the bed, under the dresser, behind the dresser, and don’t forget under your sofa and/or love seat.

And voila!  You have more space in your closet to do more shopping :)  *WINK~WINK*

BENEFIT: The shrink wrapped clothing won’t get dusty and provides great protection from mites, bed bugs, and stinky mildew.

GENIUS TIP: Tape a list of clothing items within to the outside of the bag.  And voila!  You have more space in your closet to do more shopping :)

Sudsy Water now offers shrink wrapping services!  For more information about our shrink wrapping process and prices, contact us today at 347.366.8079!