The pictograms are pretty straightforward with the numbers in the washtub depicting the maximum temperature that the clothing can be washed. The numbers are sometimes replaced by dots,

  • with a single dot representing low temperature (up to 86°F),
  • two dots medium (78°F to 111°F) 
  • and three dots hot (112°F to 145°F). 
  • If the regular use of hot water up to 145°F will not harm the product then the label will not have a temperature mentioned.
  • A label should clearly indicate if the product should be washed by hand or machine. 
  • Permanent press is a slightly gentler wash in order to prevent wrinkling of clothes and is designed for wrinkle-treated fabrics, synthetics, man-made fibers and blends. 
  • The gentle or delicate cycle is meant for washable silks, woolens and any fiber made in delicate constructions or weaves.
  • An additional instruction to washing may be to 'wash separately' or 'wash with like colors' which could indicate that the dyes in that item of clothing may bleed.


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