Care labels are either pictograms or instructions sewn into clothing to ensure that its treated properly when washing, drying and ironing. Whatever you do don't iron over them as they can make clothing incredibly uncomfortable to wear afterwards! If you need to cut a care label off, pin it to a bulletin board for future reference with a note describing the item.

The label instructions are the maximum permitted treatment - for example just because the label indicates that you can wash in hot water, that doesn't mean that you have to. You can safely wash it in cold water. This is especially relevant when you want to combine a number of different of types of clothing into a single load.

The four most common symbols on a care label are: 

  • washing (washtub),
  • bleaching (triangle),
  • drying (a square) and
  • ironing (an iron).
  • Dots and lines are added to the symbols to give further information.


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