Sudsy Water is committed to helping you look and feel good in your clothes and Using a quality laundromat like any of the Sudsy Water self-service facilities can help to make your laundry day a lot more pleasant.

Sometimes when you’re washing and drying everyday attire, one of the biggest nuisances is when your clothing accumulates lint.

No matter how careful you are, occasionally a tissue will go unnoticed in the pocket of a piece of clothing and end up going through the wash cycle. With the dark clothing load it is especially visible, and the end result is a big mess.

Of course, the first tip is to check every pocket of each piece of clothing as a preventative measure. It also doesn’t hurt to give the clothing a good shake prior to throwing into the washing machine, as sometimes tissue can be hidden in the arm of a sweater or a pant leg.

Some materials are more prone to gathering lint than others. Corduroy or heavier materials are more prone to this problem.

If you do end up with a mishap like a piece of  tissue going through a wash cycle, be sure to remove the larger pieces stuck to each piece of clothing before putting them in the dryer. Then, any good quality dryer’s lint screen should do a fairly good job of picking up off the clothes what is left.

Another way of getting off any additional lint is to remove the clothing from the dryer before it is completely dry and give it a good shake, then put it back in to finish drying.

If you find that none of these quick tips help, then as a last resort you can put the affected clothing back into the washer with a ½ cup of white vinegar and just run the clothing through a rinse cycle. This should remove the rest of the lint.

Sometimes you may notice that there is lint when you go to put a garment on, even after washing and drying with these tips. As a quick fix you can lightly spray the garment with an anti static spray then go over the garment with a lint remover. This doesn’t take long and you will be able to wear the item quickly.

When you use a laundromat that has quality washers and dryers its a great way to get your laundry done to your liking. Preventative steps for reducing lint will mean less hassle and time spent on your everyday laundry. You can also reserve pickup and delivery wash & fold services and Sudsy Water will return your clothes ready to wear or ready for storage.