Yep, we get it.  There’s simply never enough room for everything you would like to hang and store in your closet.

Ever considered shrink wrapping your clothing?  18 pieces of clothing and linens—comforters and pillows especially—take up a huge amount of room as they are mostly fluff and air. Vacuum storage bags suck the air out and reduce bulky items to a fraction of their former size.

Surely you’ve seen space saving bags in late night infomercials and on the shelves of home-centered retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond. You stuff them full of bulky objects, like comforters and winter coats, and suck all the air out to compress them into vacuum-packed plastic wafers.

Especially living in New York City, you need to think outside of the box + find unusual storage places.

The top shelf of your closet isn’t easily accessible for every-day items, but it’s great storage for flattened space sacks. Stash bags under your bed, behind the bed, under the dresser, behind the dresser, and don’t forget under your sofa and/or love seat.

And voila!  You have more space in your closet to do more shopping :)  *WINK~WINK*

BENEFIT: The shrink wrapped clothing won’t get dusty and provides great protection from mites, bed bugs, and stinky mildew.

GENIUS TIP: Tape a list of clothing items within to the outside of the bag.  And voila!  You have more space in your closet to do more shopping :)

Sudsy Water now offers shrink wrapping services!  For more information about our shrink wrapping process and prices, contact us today at 347.366.8079!